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    Coronavirus: TCN Makes Clarification On Free Electricity Supply To Nigerians.

    TCN, netwyz blog

     The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has denied allegations that the federal government provided Nigerians with free electricity in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.

     TCN CEO, Usman Mohammed, who gave this in an interview to NAN on Thursday, said the government did not have all of the departments in the electricity sector.

     "There is also information that electricity will be free, which will affect us because some customers who receive this information will probably not pay. The federal government cannot release electricity because it has not of electricity".

    "With the exception of the Transmission (TCN), which is only a power transmission, belonging to the federal government, all the other chains are in private hands. "As now, the federal government is providing grants, which is not enough because we still have huge unpaid bills", he said.

      Mohammed added that electricity supply services have improved considerably during the first 14 days of closure via Lagos, Ogun and Abuja. According to him, the whole country should maintain its electricity supply.

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