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    HTC Is Making Earbuds That Look Like A Black Version Of Apple’s AirPods

    HTC seems to be about to release a new wireless headset called U Ear, and they are very similar to Apple's AirPods.

    htc new airpod

    Photos of the headphones have been leaked through documents from US regulators. United States and Taiwan, discovered by Android police.

    The design of the U-shaped ear is very similar to that of Apple AirPods, shiny plastic, the rounded tip of the ear and the earlobe. There seem to be two main differences: the charging pins are on the front of the earbud, not on top of the ends, and the earbud is all black, unlike AirPods which only come in white. While this is still possible, HTC may launch other color options.

    The HTC charging case is also inspired by Apple earphones. Both look like a compact box in the shape of a polished cube. There is however a big difference: the HTC case opens like a ring box, instead of having an hatch on top of the case. There is also a USB-C headphone jack on the case, and it looks like the package will include a USB-A to USB-C cable.

    Apple's AirPods were originally launched in 2016, followed by the second generation and the Pro model. Other companies, such as Amazon, Jabra and Microsoft, have attempted to conquer part of the wireless headset market, with mixed success. Some companies, like Huwaei, have even entered the market with a design clearly inspired by the Apple product.

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